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Current main version 0.5
(about 1.3 MB)
Last beta version
Changelog and old versions

(download format for old versions:,
* 0.5 2012-10-19
preparations for handling of long SMS
- fixed: signal strength timestamp if not connected
- 64 bit support via regular package

* 0.4 2010-10-11
- recognition of Option devices
- recognition of Huawei 2-port devices
- recognition of Ericsson devices
- can send empty SMS
- does not need 'replacedefaultroute' option for pppd

* 0.3 2010-06-01
- parameter MUTE to disable sound output
- changed sound interface from Alsa to Pulse
- source code now UTF-8 coded
- redisplay mini window (workaround for Ubuntu 10.04)
- optional per ixconn.ini: permanent displays for mini window

* 0.2 2010-03-13
- terminating an initially active connection
- allow Gnome session manager to end the program
- added English and German manuals (PDF)

* 0.1 2010-03-01
- first Debian package of ixconn
- all important functions form MWconn have been implemented
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